How did I get here?

The naturally healthy adaptable mind
We all have innate, adaptive, beneficial abilities to think and remember, love and care for self and others, learn from our experience, solve problems, avoid danger, prepare for the future, find friends and lovers, experience the full range of our vivid sensations and emotions, and move toward satisfying and enriching goals.

Getting stuck in unhelpful and unhealthy patterns
There also are times when these adaptive abilities misfire and become distorted. This may be in response to powerful adversities (acute loss, abuse, problems with health and security), but often the causes are not so clear-cut. We naturally adjust and try to cope, but sometimes problems persist or increase, andwe feel unable to right ourselves and our circumstances. Our time and energy can be wasted in repetitive, unproductive thoughts and worries, poor communication, isolation, painful feelings about events long past, loss of motivation and pleasure in life. We can develop unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior that may bring short-term relief but lead to long-term problems. These unhelpful responses can become habitual, sometimes invisible, until they flare up and we feel the need to make a change and move forward in a healthier way.

Getting unstuck: Methods for rediscovering natural health
My goal is to help people rediscover and cultivate their natural capacities for clarity, flexibility and well-being – these capacities are already built-in. In response to the special characteristics and conditions of each individual, my treatment methods integrate cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic and mindful approaches to bring awareness, warmth, and effective clarity of mind to the challenges and opportunities of everyday life.