Ongoing Training for Clinicians

I offer ongoing small-group training for clinicians interested in exploring mindfulness in clinical practice, in monthly 2 hour sessions.   Monthly sessions are flexibly scheduled on Saturdays to match the availability of group members. Many of the members have already taken my clinician training course, but any clinicians with good grounding in mindfulness and meditation techniques are welcome to inquire. The fee is $75 per session per member.

The ongoing training sessions are tailored to the needs and interests of group members, and can involve the following elements:

  • Use of current case material to further develop a mindfulness perspective in client care and learn how to address client’s obstacles in understanding and experiencing being present
  • Development of your personal mindfulness practice, and practice in session
  • Practice instruction and inquiry, lead by group members
  • An exploration of the impact of your mindful presence in the treatment dyad, including issues of safety, empathy, dissociation, being present in relationship
  • Introduction of more techniques from the traditional and clinical research canon, and how they may apply to your practice and treatment of clients with special characteristics
  • Discussion of insights from neuroscience research related to clinical practice and mindfulness/meditation, such as attention, somatic awareness and interoception, memory plasticity/reconsolidation and neurobiological models of danger and safety