Neuroscience Research

brain_2988dfa78fd5f759ed7My neuroscience research has explored how we process experiences of danger and safety:

•  how these experiences produce lasting changes in behavior, emotion and neural function
   – in  how we see the world

•  how these changes can in turn be modified through new learning and experiences  

My work with clients is informed by clinical and neuroscience research findings, which help shape therapeutic approaches to depression, anxiety, trauma, obsession, addiction, and emotional pain.


I received a PhD in Neuroscience in the laboratory of Joseph LeDoux at New York University, and completed my post-doctoral training with Eric Kandel at Columbia University.  I’m also happy to take this opportunity to acknowledge the late Stanley Schachter, who invited me into his graduate courses while I earned a BA in Psychology at Columbia University.

I have been on the research faculties of the New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia University Center for Neurobiology and Behavior, and have worked extensively as a consulting scientist at other universities, research companies and at biomedical research foundations.

My neuroscience research has focused on the normal function of emotion, learning and memory – how these functions become altered in stress and crisis, and how this affects subsequent behavior and learning. This work has involved measurement and analysis of neural processing, behavior, physiology and state/trait characteristics.  I have used techniques such as electrophysiology, functional brain imaging (fMRI), biochemical and genetic assays, behavioral analysis, skin conductance, pupillometry, heart rate variability and psychometrics.  This work has been published in leading scientific journals, including Nature, Cell, Neuron, and The Journal of Neuroscience, and has been covered in news articles in Science, The New York TImes and Scientific American.

Science Consulting
I consult on behavioral health, research design and data analysis for academic research, research foundations and industry.  I also make use of my first career, as a software developer on Wall Street, to consult on software design for apps that support mental/physical/behavioral health, and also apps used in clinical research for tracking and supporting treatment compliance and outcome analysis.

Recent Books by my research co-authors that include discussion of our work:

ANXIOUS by Joseph LeDoux

ANXIOUS by Joseph LeDoux

In Search of Memory by Eric Kandel

In Search of Memory by Eric Kandel