Therapy Groups

Therapy Groups

All groups have rolling admission and meet weekly.  Group times are on weekdays, weekday evenings, and Saturdays. Contact me for details and to discuss which group would be a fit for you.  All these groups have an emphasis on being present and getting unstuck from habitual patterns.  Click here to find out more about my approach to mindfulness. 


Mindfulness of the Other: Being present and authentic in relationships
In this therapy group we explore being mindful in everyday life and particularly in relationship with others.  The challenges of the day can provoke habitual neurotic patterns that just don’t work, and lead us down familiar and unsatisfying paths . By being with others in group, we can help each other learn to be present and aware of these habits as they play out, and choose a more authentic way.  Groups are held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Contact me for more information.  Here’s a blog post expanding on this.


Mindfulness Techniques:
Learn how to cultivate mindful experience and develop a mindfulness practice that works for you. I offer a highly individualized approach to mindfulness training, responsive to each person’s condition and situation.  In each session, the experiences of each group member are explored and techniques are refined to bring about more precise and beneficial mindfulness practice.  Variations of technique from the traditional and clinical research cannon are introduced to address obstacles as they arise.  A group setting is ideal because everyone benefits from each other’s experience.  

These groups work well for those who have had no prior experience with meditation or mindfulness, those who have a mindfulness practice that is helpful but inconsistent, and also for those who feel they have tried it and found it to be “too difficult”.  To quote a traditional saying:

“If mindfulness is difficult, there is a misunderstanding.”

Most people find that attending the group for 8-12 weeks is sufficient grounding for ease in a self-sustained practice.  Members often continue to attend for continued refinement and support of practice, or may wish to enter other groups that I offer which focus on integrating mindfulness in daily life and relationships. Contact me for more information.