Mindfulness: audio instruction

These audio files contain simple instructions for a timed mindfulness practice, ending with a bell, posted for my clients who may use it to support home practice.  It is available for all, but will be most useful for those who have had more detailed, in-person guidance on mindfulness practice and how it can be cultivated in their unique situations.  There is nothing magical about these recordings – they are only useful to reinforce the simplicity of the technique.

As is evident in these recorded instructions, mindfulness techniques are simple.  But most people find that their reactions to the simple instruction can be quite complex, revealing energetic and unhelpful patterns of thought and emotion.  Ongoing instruction and guidance can orient you to simple beneficial mindfulness practice, while cognitive, behavioral and  psychodynamic exploration can help relieve recurrent and emotionally charged maladaptive patterns.  I use all these modalities with clients to work toward greater clarity and health.


feel the breath: 5 min.      Feel the breath – 5 min.

feel the breath: 10 min.    Feel the breath – 10 min.


hear the sounds: 5 min.   Mindfulness of Sound: 5 min.

hear the sounds: 10 min. Mindfulness of Sound: 10 min.