Personal Growth

lotus_drawingThe whirl of activity and responsibility can obstruct a clear view and appreciation of your life and intentions.  Exploration of your current challenges, circumstances, thoughts and feelings can help you reach new levels of clarity, efficiency and connectedness.

Using a perspective grounded in traditional mindfulness practices and neurobiological models of adaptive information processing, I will work with you to develop a greater awareness of your motivations and aspirations, and a deeper understanding of the causes and consequences of your everyday life choices.  This leads to a natural clarity and warmth of mind that can help you discover a more rich and flexible way of life – a path with satisfaction in every step.

These non-clinical* sessions can be in person or via video calling, and can encompass many dimensions:


  • Career decisions
  • Life transitions
  • Money / Time management
  • Motivation, Ambivalence
  • Being stuck
  • Fresh view of self / others
  • Creative / Artistic process
  • Maximizing health
  • Personal relationships & communication
  • Business relationships & communication

*Coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental illness. It is not psychotherapy and does not substitute for psychotherapy.