Integrating Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

Integrating Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

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This small-group (5-7 people), intensive experiential course for clinicians is designed to teach and model how to integrate mindfulness in treatment.  My methods are based on the latest in clinical and neuroscience research, and informed by over 30 years of experience with the traditional meditation practices from which research-based mindfulness protocols were derived (more information here).

Unlike the pioneering manualized protocols such as MBSR and MBCT, this course will teach flexible methods that closely match the client’s experience and capacities, work within the constraints of a standard therapeutic session and in support of other clinical priorities and treatment modalities (such as CBT, psychodynamic, relational and insight-oriented approaches). Clinicians who have benefited from this course include psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, art therapists, occupational therapists, and nurse practitioners, as well as MBSR and MBCT certified therapists looking for more flexible treatment methods.  There are 2 Modules of training, followed by an ongoing monthly training group.  

It is important to have a regular mindfulness practice before attempting to use mindfulness as a mental health intervention: For established practitioners, this course provides methods for immediate use in the clinic. For clinicians who are beginners to mindfulness/meditation, this course provides an incisive introduction and overview of the material and methods, and a jump-start to your own beneficial mindfulness practice.  

Mindfulness is easy: scheduling is hard!  Because of the small group size, advance registration will be required.  If you would like to discuss whether these courses are right for you, please email me for more information prior to registration.


Course objectives

Module 1:  Essential skills – discovering ease and precision
                    Usually four weekly group sessions.

  • Modeling the clinician/client experience, I will help group members acquire a beneficial mindfulness practice through explanation, in-session practice, assessment and correction of mindfulness techniques.
  • Members will learn how to address obstacles to practice as they arise, through their own experience and that of other group members, and also through discussion of case material that is introduced to cover other common client issues.
  • Variations of instruction and technique are used to reinforce practice precision and fit special client characteristics and situations.
  • Methods to anchor practice in daily life are also discussed.

◊ Module 2: Refinement of clinical skills through teach-back and case exploration.
                    (To be taken after completion of Module 1)
                    Usually four weekly group sessions.

  • Group members take turns leading the group in introduction, instruction, inquiry and correction of mindfulness techniques, including discussion or role-play exploration of cases from the trainee’s own clinical practice.
  • Clinical skills are refined through critique.
  • Case material will be explored to reveal ways that a client’s spontaneous experience of mindfulness can be recognized and shaped toward an effective practice

◊ Ongoing Training:  Monthly group sessions, click here for more information.