Working with you toward more healthy and satisfying feelings, thoughts, behaviors and relationships.

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We begin by understanding where you are and where you want to be, and then we work on getting there.  

This may involve a focus on relieving anxiety, depression, trauma, unwanted habits and addiction, ADD/ADHD, obsessive/compulsive thoughts and behaviors.

This may also involve goals around relationships, career, creative fulfillment, spiritual growth and other ways of moving toward a more meaningful and satisfying life.


Three streams of experience contribute to my approach:

  • As a neuroscientist studying emotion & learning, I have a practical understanding of our inborn capacities for emotional, physical and social health, and how this understanding can be applied in our work together.
  • As a mindfulness & meditation practitioner and teacher with over 30 years of experience, I can use these methods flexibly and carefully to help disrupt habitual patterns, orient to a fresh experience of the present moment, and cultivate natural warmth and clarity of mind.
  • As a psychotherapist, I combine all this experience with the latest in cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, body-centered and relational methods, bringing an integrative approach to treatment.